Shielagh Shusta Hochberg, Ph.D. - Personal Growth Throughout the Life Cycle

About Dr. Shielagh Shusta Hochberg

Practice Focus
As a clinical psychologist, I address a broad spectrum of issues that interfere with the pursuit of a reasonably satisfying life. My practice includes

  • Relationship and career concerns 
  • Self-actualization through insight and contemplation
  • Addressing  obstacles to creative expression
  • Life cycle issues of maturity and aging
  • Processing & resolving emotional pain & the after-effects of trauma
  • Walk and Talk Therapy in downtown Naples, Florida, when appropriate 

Drawing upon many orientations and techniques in my work, I practice both EMDR and clinical hypnosis and have developed "The Healthy Side of the Street©" technique for helping clients build better boundaries.  I have published papers on trauma, anxiety and dissociation and present on these and other topics to professionals.  Some of these publications are available on the Resources tab, as are several of my contemplative writings.
In addition to the general practice of psychology, I have extensive experience treating PTSD, the dissociative disorders and related symptoms, OCD and other anxiety disorders, communication and boundary issues, and challenges of the life cycle. I collaborate with clients to help them resolve issues that cause them distress, interfere with life and impede healthy functioning. 

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